Integral Coaching is a unique methodology that builds upon research on human development from Harvard (Keegan & Lahey), integral theory as well as foundations of Zen Buddhism. 

We work with defining your topic and what challenges you are currently facing and what skills that needs to be built to reach your goals. 

Integral Coaching can be used as a way to gain insight around something that is taking much attention in your life as well as a full on developmental program to build sustainable change around what is currently challenging. 

WHO: Professionals and individuals with a specific topic they wish to work on. I.e Conflict resolution, stress management, work-life balance and more.

WHAT: You can choose between 3-9 sessions depending on your topic and what skills you need to build. For sustainable change over time we recommend a full coaching engagement that spans over 6-9 months for long lasting results.

WHEN:  We meet every 3 weeks and work on your custom design coaching program with developmental objectives and goals.

somatic energy work

WHO: Somatic energy work is especially helpful for individuals who use their bodies a lot in their work, such as athletes, professional dancers, fitness instructors and more. But also for individuals who sit down a lot throughout their day who needs to access more of their bodies natural rhythm and function in order to feel more aligned and centered.

We focus on creating somatic awareness of the energy body. Releasing stored energy in the nervous system and restoring the function of the energy body that effects the physical body over time. These sessions can also been combined with coaching to help ground processes that emerge as a result of releasing store tension in tissues.

WHEN:  We recommend you go every other week or once a month to allow time in between for integration.


Workshops can be designed around a variety of topics that are custom made for the group. Examples are:

-De-stress - How to regulate your nervous system in a sustainable way

-Mindfulness - an introduction

-The art of transparent communication - feeling us in the space in between words

-The Power of goals - how to reach what you wish for

-Your body is your temple: Getting to know 3 of them.

-Setting clear boundaries - saying yes to your ‘No’

WHO: Groups and teams to create more awareness around dynamics within the field and tools to help ground and develop more skills that will benefit the entire team. These are specifically designed around a topic that is relevant for the group. Please send an email and we will get back to you to see what we can create for your team.

WHEN:  Workshops can be help as a one off inspirational experience or community building events that are spaced out over time. For community building we recommend a context that provides engagement over time, minimum 3-6 months.