Mandy Palacio is a Master Certified Coach, personal trainer, Yoga- Cycle and Lagree fitness instructor, certified Facilitator of group processes, initiated healer and somatic energy worker.

She has studied contemplative arts for 20 years and received her first body work certification at age 19. She has continued ongoing practices and studies ever since before deciding to work full time with inner and outer processes, starting with a coaching practice in New York 2010.

She is trained by Master Coaches Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine and holds a degree in Marketing from IHM Business School. She is a certified group process facilitator by The Academy of Inner Science and have received numerous formal and informal training in healing arts, somatic work and professional developmental programs in Israel, Germany, Hawaii, New York and Canada.

In her classes and events she works dynamically with music, presence, movement, group energy to emerge from a flow state in the present moment.

In private sessions she has the ability to facilitate movements within that frees up energy, helping the client feel more energised, creative and grounded in a complex urban environment. 

She is passionate about bringing her timeless work into a contemporary expression with depth, heart and pure joy.