A coaching, educational and business veteran with closer to two decades of experience, Mandy Palacio is a masterful facilitator and connector of people, using her diverse background and perspectives to cultivate exceptional experiences and results for her clients. 

In her role as founder and CEO of Makanui Works, Mandy contributes to global change by producing online and live programs and events for individuals and groups who create impact and sustainable growth for today's most influential voices and innovations. 

Makanui Works is dedicated to contribute to deep impact and facilitate change in topics related to collective trauma integration such as women’s rights, peace, social justice and more. In the wellness sphere, Mandy leverages her unique qualities to create dynamic experiences for corporate events and programs.

She is passionate about empowering individuals and teams. She has served as mentor and faculty member at Integral Coaching Canada, supporting rising executive coaches internationally over four continents. She is dedicated to create a movement to convene powerful young leaders to inspire and challenge their generation to take ownership and action. She believes having a purpose driven business that serves on a larger scale is key to create radical shifts and movements in global economy towards sustainable practices and business models.